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Mission and History

Colectivo Besta was founded in 2021 by Ana and Rodrigo, two visual artists who saw the need to explore their art and start a new project during the pandemic. Since then, Colectivo Besta has been both our studio and our store, where we work and develop our artworks to later sell them to our clients.
Here you can find not only our art but also the work of many other talented emerging artists based in Porto, who are invited to collaborate and sell their work through our gallery. Thanks to them, we have a wide variety of styles and mediums for our clients to choose.
Nowadays, Ana leads the project, but our mission remains the same: encourage the artists to have their own voice and allow everyone to enjoy and purchase artworks at a fair price.
Pay us a visit and take a look at what is being done in Portugal!

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Our Store

We are located in Porto’s Bairro das Artes, a must visit neighborhood for the art lovers. Our store is all you are looking for: a cozy and welcoming environment, full of beautiful, tasteful and eclectic artworks. It is not a silent museum, it is not a gift shop. Here you can talk with the artists that stop by (which happens very regularly, so we encourage you to), you can see Ana, our leading founder, painting her most recent works, and you will find new original products every week. Also, pets are most definitely welcome! We look forward to receive you!

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